Injured chicken!!

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    Mar 16, 2016
    Lawton, oklahoma
    So today I went out to feed and water my chickens when I noticed one wasn't running around like the other ones. When I went to go check on it, it had half of its skin on its head gone. You can see the skull and most the skin is gone. I figured it was because it may of got its head stuck in the wire but I don't think that the wire could do such a thing like this. Well I decided to just put him in a smaller coop by himself so the others don't pick at his head. I put food and water in there but I don't know what to do as in keeping it clean. what should I do? [​IMG]
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    I was given a chicken in the same exact condition. I covered that wound in nitrofurizone. And loosely wrapped it. Before I got nitrofurozone, I used bactine and antibiotic ointment. Keep her away from other chickens. Coco is now all back to normal!

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