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7 Years
May 9, 2012
This morning I went out and found Fish, my broody duck, sitting in the front landscaping by the house. I was confused because she doesn't usually come out that early. I quickly discovered she was hurt. She came to me for food, but limped, and one wing looked broken, but, thankfully, it isn't. A lot of broken feathers and blood. She isn't drinking, so I wondered if 1) she might be in shock, or 2) she's acting broody. I've heard Electrolytes are good for animals, so how do I give her some. Gatorade or Apple Cider Vinigar? (I spelled that wrong) Any help would be greatly appreciated, and yes, I took a risk letting her go broody outside.
does she not have a predator proof secure house for at night? If she is badly injured she needs to be kept quiet, given food and water and looked over carefully for any wounds that may need cleaning. Unflavored pedialite, or sugar water both work well.
We had something over her, but apparently it wasn't enough. I was worried about feathers that had broken off and where bleeding. Is that an issue? Also, what if she won't drink? Wait until she does?
She may not want to drink right away, but sometimes hurt ducks will drink and not eat. I would go with CelticOaksFarms suggestions.

Please keep us posted. Try a lukewarm bath, too, it may give you a chance to look her over in addition to feeling her wings, legs, belly, neck and back.
She's currently outside in a dog crate, covered with a tarp. I'm worried about moving her because it really stresses her out. I'll just have to deal with it, won't I? And so will she. She keeps hissing at me when I come close.
if you leave her in a dog crate outside she is likely to be pulled through the wire bit by bit by a predator. By not providing proper secure housing she has become injured, she needs you to care for her and provide a safe place to be both during the day and at night. MANY predators think duck is a grand meal.
Alright. I'll bring her in and put her in the laundry room for the night. Is there anything I can give her to help prevent infection in addition to a bath and such?
Well, she was drinking this morning. I gave her more water with sugar and vinegar, because she likes it. I have yet to give her a bath, because she was really stressed out last night. I plan on doing it this morning.
Fish seems to be enjoying her bath.. I think. I got a look at her leg, which had a bite, and it looks like it has a white scab? Otherwise, it just seems to be broken feathers and some scratches. I'll try to post a picture of her hurt wing, in case it's broken. She had a bite on the back of her head but THANKFULLY it's just pulled feathers and no broken skin.

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