Injured eye in Polish?


8 Years
Jul 23, 2011
Near Columbus OH
I went out to my coop this morning, and was greeted by all of my hungry birds. I fed them their treat (an apple), and noticed that my favorite Polish hen was having trouble pecking at the treats in the right spot. Curious, I checked her eyes under her crest. One of her eyes is fine, but her left eye was crusted over. The lid seemed okay, but the corner of her eye was all crusty, and I could see a tiny slit of her eye through her lid, which was open a sliver. It seems like she can still see a tiny bit out of that sliver, but I wonder what might have happened to her eye? Could another bird have pecked at it and injured it? Could it be an eye infection? She seems healthy otherwise, just as loopy and quirky as she usually is.

I'll try and get a picture if that would help.

Any advice for care would be gladly accepted! Thanks for your help!
It is possible that she got something in the eye or another chicken gave her a peck in just the wrong spot. You can rinse it out with a little saline solution. One of my roosters had a similar problem and after doing research on the site I rinsed it daily and put some neosporin with out the pain relief ingredient in it on his eye a couple of times a day. It cleared up in a few days for him.
Thank you for your help!
The hen doesn't seem in pain, and I was able to take most of the crusty part off with a warm damp paper towel. Her eye is a little puffy still, but I expect that will go away soon.

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