Injured One Leg HELP

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10 Years
Jul 31, 2009
One of my five week old golden comet chicks was attacked in broad day light in run that was double wired. They were out for play day ....Picture chicken tractor with roll of wire wrapped around it. Don't know what happened. She survived the night. Obviously in pain and not understanding what happened....the wound scabbed over. She is eating and drinking some. Put back with other chicks and they were OK w her although she just hunkered down. I moved her into milk crate with her own water and food and towels and put whole think inside indoor brooder box w others in house. So now she has protection. What should O do. Never had this happen? What quality of life will a growing chick have that can't scratch. Dust bathe. Scratch to molt fuzz? Walk? Perch?
PitNow: Really sorry that you had that happen. Remember that chickens are tough creatures--and I mean REALLY TOUGH--Have seen much worse. She'll be ok unless the picture is deceiving. The first chicken I ever had--a beautiful farm bred New Hampshire name Kakkacky was torn up by a skunk but she survived and lived until I was 10 or 12 years old. She only laid one egg in those years, But I loved her dearly. Your pullet looks ready for a full recovery. Just keep her separate from the others a little while and Mother Nature will do the rest. Best to you and her!

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