Injured pullet with bone overriding under wing


Aug 8, 2016
Hi! I have tried searching before starting this thread.

We have had chickens for over a year now and have had our first predator attack on our coop.

Long story short, something spooked our momma hen (leghorn) who have 6 week old pullets (brahmas-she hatched fertilized eggs and adopted them)

Momma hen runs frantically out of the small coop...causing the pullets to frantically follow her....

In the chaos, we did lose a pullet to a predator eventually and one injured its wing. Blood and droopy wing. It was midnight when this happened. We rinsed the pullet Clean and isolated him/her.
When hubby got home today from work we saw the bigger damage. There's a bone protruding out under her's not on her wing but sticking out of her/his body...

I don't know what to do. I know if it happened to a human, surgery would be's not moving much and appears lethargic.

Part of me wants to try to save her, but I know infection will eventually settled in.

Or euthanize it. I'm heartbroken. Any advice before I go that route will be appreciated.

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