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Jun 5, 2016
Hi All
We're recently moved our pheasants out into their flight pen at 6 weeks old. Even with careful care taken while building the flight pen, we had a breach of the wire by a raccoon the other night. While the pest didn't make it into the pen, he did yank one bird through the wire and ate it. He pulled the wing completely off another, and broke the wing of one more while trying to yank her through the wire. We have since EXTRA reinforced the pen.

That said, my question is as follows:
- The one bird who had his wing entirely ripped off is actually doing quite well. He behaves normally, is eating and drinking normally, and sprints around the pen, dodging under and out of brush like nothing is wrong. Considering those circumstances, we were wondering what the likelihood is that he'll survive? We won't be releasing him obviously, since he won't be able to fly, but we do have two bird dogs, and he would be an excellent option for training them (especially puppies that need to learn how to point). We figured, unless he was showing signs of pain, distress or illness, we were gonna let him live.
Has anyone else experienced anything like that?

Next - the girl with the broken wing:
I told my husband we might need to put her out of her misery - I feel so sad for her. But she has continued to eat, drink and get better every day. Should we just wrap the wing up (I read on a chicken forum that her wing can be wrapped for 2 weeks in the normal position, and may fuse/heal enough that she can lead a normal life in the pen (again..we would end up keeping her as a training bird).

Any insight on injury survival?
I had a reeve male that a coon ripped his wing completely off and he lived for years,Couldn't roost as he would like to but everything else was normal,even breeding,go figure!No insight on a broken wing,but I too read that you can wrap the wing and it will fuse,but I would assume you have to have it in the right position for it to fuse.
In N.H.,Tony.

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