Insect eggs on eggshell???

Aug 28, 2020
I grabbed a couple eggs out of the nesting box this afternoon and one felt pretty rough in texture which is not abnormal on occasion. What I found really strange was the string of tiny uniformly sized balls attached to the outside of the eggshell and when I touch them they fell off. They seemed a bit like Styrofoam balls. They were tiny, not even half a millimeter in diameter. Could they be some type of insect eggs?


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I would not recommend it. Usually when that happens, it means the egg went bad and could even explode if you try to rub them off. That’s just been in my experience

No. They happen during the egg shell process in the hen. I gather multiple times a day and the ones I have seen are from a specific hen. They are on the egg before it is even deposited in the nest.

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