Insect Pests inside Coop


8 Years
May 28, 2011
Hi, I need advice on how to get rid of a swarm of nats inside our coop! We are very new to keeping chickens and have no clue. Our 8 chicks are about 8-10 weeks old and they really like their new coop outside. But last night I noticed about a thousand tiny nat insects all over the walls. We are trying the deep litter method, so there is poop in the litter. I am going to add more pine shavings today. I might try DE (diatomaceous earth) to mix in, but first I wondered if there is more of a "home remedy" to try, with common stuff already around the house.

Thanks for any advice!!!
heck my 8 to 10 week olds and even my 4 to 5 week olds eat every insect that they see in front of them and around them so can help you there
The gnats were really bad here a few days ago; my poor white rock chickies were innundated. They kept trying to shake the gnats off. It looked as uncomfortable to them as it is to us. I think the hoards of gnats are a very temporary seasonal thing, and will calm down soon. (at least in my area; I'm in southeast Missouri) A good stiff wind helps too. Could you cover the openings in the coop with screen door wire temporarily?
You might try dusting your coop and run with Seven dust. It seems to help with the pest control issues. Do you let your birds free range at all? If so give them the afternoon out and air out the coop.
You're right about it being a seasonal thing, they are gone today. I hope they don't come back tonight. I did think it was wierd that they weren't eating them, I think they were just really, REALLY tiny nats. It was gross the way they were swarming. I did let the girls out today and aired out the coop, and laid down new bedding on top of the old. They are gone now and I hope they don't come back. I would try the Sevin dust if they do reappear, but, is that stuff safe around the birds??

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