Instructions to Cut Broken Beak

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Dec 17, 2011
My red she has a broken top portion of her beak. Before it can Regrow I need to cut the broken part off. So I was wondering with what should I cut it down as too not cause her pain because let me describe how it is: Bottom portion is fine but the top beak is twisted at a weird angle. And she makes it worse by banging it on the ground when she pecks. But it wont fall off because on 1 side its broken on the other side its fine.
NOT my image but you can see an example. Only for my red the top portion is twisted way more. So I need to remove it to allow healthy regrow. So my question is how i do that?

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to trim its beak, just use dog trimmers. trim just like you would a dog's nail but do top and bottom separate. if it starts to bleed use cornstarch to stop the bleeding. or blood stop powder if you have it.
if you do make it bleed, it will heal pretty quickly.
your image link isn't working for me. but if the chicken has crossed beak its not a good idea to breed it. if it eats and drinks fine it will make a good laying hen.

best of luck,
umm ok forget the image thing =) I red up more on the issue. It has a crossed beak but not from genetics. It broke her beak and not the top portion is way to the side. I want to cut off the top portion so that it can regrow. The crack is pretty close to the base of the beak so i don't want to hurt her in the process. I got questons such as if i cut down her beak where will her tongue go? cause right now she is holding her tongue close to the broken portion of her beak. Will her tongue dry out? Will she be able to eat if i cut the broken beak down.
ok, you have officially stumped me, from this point on is just a guess. I do know if you trim off to much beak they can have problems eating. also what your asking about the tongue drying out - I would make sure she has plenty of water at all times.

now, for the beak; i would cut gently, to the base of the crack like your dealing with one of your own toenails. a knife, some sharp scissors, and a nail file might come in handy. i have heard of people glueing beaks but im not sure how to do it. maybe liquid skin, or liquid bandaid?

if you have to remove all or most of the beak, you may have to help her with her eating, either add a small amount of water to her feed to soften it, or feed some canned creamed corn.

someone else may have some better advice, but if you cant find any, i will do my best to help you

its all good. She twisted it a bit more. The crack healed i desided i wont mess with it. Every now and then i will cut beak down a bit since she no longer hones the top portion. She adopted to eating so far. Moved her tongue to the bottom where it belonged. Before it was on the top.
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