Insulating when building a coop.

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    Hey all! Well, I am in the process of building and planning and planning and building. Just a quick question: I am using 4x4 pallets for framing. I planned on building a outer wall and inner wall, about 3-4 inch gap between the two walls. I was planning on insulating the coop by using insulation within the gaps of the walls, and the making sure that the actual boards of the walls are seal to prevent my little bird brains from trying to peck at the insulation. What type of insulation do all of my lovely friends out here in BC use? If it helps, am in TN. Winters are not always cold, but are unpredictable.

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    I use fiberglass batts, works well, and won't brake the bank. Have also used rigid foam insulation type manly under the floors. It can stand up to the weather better but costs a bit more
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    Always used rigid here.
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    I have not used this but recently saw a video clip showing straw as insulation between 2 layers of chicken wire. I do know that moisture is the enemy of straw, so keep it dry and covered. That is great insulation and cheap as well.
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    Huh, I thought I replied on this thread earlier but guess I must have closed the window instead of submitting [​IMG]

    Styrofoam board or rigid foamboard are IMO the best materials, in terms of resistance to mold and good R-value. You can often get styrofoam for free from stores that get it (in sheets or large chunks) as packing material for merchandise, just ask around.

    HOWEVER I'd be real cautious about insulating (with *any* kind of insulating material) a coop made from pallets. If your carpentry is not tight, mice (or worse) get into your walls and take up residence there, and not much you can do about it, and they can become a problem. It'd take a lot of extra lumber or plywood to make pallet coop walls 'mouse tight'. In your climate you do not need to insulate; it might be better to just eliminate air leaks and make the coop as chicken-friendly and well-winterized in OTHER respects as possible, and skip the insulation.

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