Insulation for cold chickens


Oct 17, 2020
Northern MN
My chickens would be running around in bikinis if it was in the 30s this time of year. My goal is to keep the coop above 0, since colder than that means the electric waterer might not do its job. My coop is insulated but I can open windows for ventilation and the door to their run stays open unless it's more than -25. If we get a cold snap, I might switch out their LED light for a 75 watt, but even then it's only on for a few hours. The insulation helps keep the coop cooler in the summer.


Crossing the Road
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Nov 12, 2017
Western Ohio
No insulation in winter needed with such “warm” temps. Chickens are pretty happy when it’s cooler.

how warm does it get in the summers? Is it a humid or dry climate? Is the chicken coop situated to get shade or any kind of protection?

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