Integrating 3 young turkeys and a single Brahma chick into my flock.


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Jan 15, 2018
North Florida

I have 3 8-week old heritage turkey poults and 1 8-week old Brahma roo. I got 2 chicks to raise with my turkeys and one died.

I have 20 hens that sleep in a coop and have covered feeding space but free range daybreak to dusk.

My turkeys and chick are in a separate coop and run. The turkeys are almost the size of my hens, but are still young. The Brahma chick is growing but obviously still small.

I am wondering how on earth to integrate the turkeys and chick into the flock. They are fine where they are but really want to get out with the hens. The little roo is such a character! He runs to be picked up and I take him walking around the yard. A hawk or one of the hens would surely kill him. Do I need to keep the turkeys in the run until the chick is big enough? I would hate for him to be all alone in the coop, especially since he I so social.

Last question, the roo’s backside is bare of feathers. I thought it was normal since he is feathering out, but I wondered if the turkeys might have done it? He doesn’t appear afraid of them.



They might have....turkeys can bully chickens.
Can you post pics?
Here are two of his back side and one with the male turkey. They were born on the same day.


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Brahmas are known for being gentle. If your older hens are fairly docile your Brahma may fit right in, after a little peck and shove by the bigger ones. Just keep an eye on them and make sure they have plenty of space. since they free range during the day, morning would be a good time to put the Brahma in with the chickens. They will be busy foraging and also not feel as territorial as they would in the coop. Keep the turkeys adjacent to the hens for another week or two.
Thank you. My hens get along pretty well and have a farm to range on. It is just crazy hot right now, like 100 for a few days now (North Florida). They are spending the day dusting under the live oaks around their coop/run. I think he’s still too little to put out with them unless I’m watching constantly. I’m going to try some gentian violet on his bottom to protect him (don’t throw tomatoes at me!) and give him another week to grow before letting him out. I’d hate for him to lose more feathers!

Hopefully the extra run space will help with the turkeys.

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