Integrating duckling with the big guys


Overrun with chickens
9 Years
Mar 23, 2010
Southern Oregon Mountains
This is kind of funny. We have two ducks that are 7 weeks now and 11 ducklings that are 3 weeks. They are both still kids, but the big guys are boss. Period. The small ducklings currently spend their daytime in the 10x20 aviary and we do let them out in the to 1/4 acre backyard where the two big ones hang around with us watching. We started 2 days ago for short periods of time. The big guys chased them for a minute yesterday and gave up. No nipping or pecking at all. Just a show off. Today I was in the aviary to set up the small shallow bins for water play time and the littles ones decided to walk out over to the big guys. They got up to one foot distance when the big guys got up showing off a little bit. The small duckling decided to walk away from the big ones. They started to pick dandelions and slowly walked back towards the aviary because they though water was more fun. The big guys went back to their laying spot and laid back down. A couple minutes later the big guys decided that it was time to round the little ones up and guide them back to the aviary. They did exact that. Got the small guys move in formation while they walked behind them. Then they made sure the little guys would not come back out guarding the aviary's gate. Hilarious to watch I have to say. It was all in slow motion, no chasing or biting at all. Well they better get used to the little ones because they will joining them soon.

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