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Mar 16, 2021
I have three September flocks, One for the older ladies, another with 4 cream legbar hen and one rooster , and the last with pekin roo and a pullet a Faverolle a brahma and an Orpington. They’re seperated due to the age difference, however once they’re all matured i hope to introduce then to each other only problem is im not sure where its a good idea to intoduce a pekin to a cream legbar as ive read they’re agressive towards other roos. Also is it safe to keep pekins with bigger breeds every time i see then around each other i feel they’re going to get stepped on.


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My Coop
How old are they, in weeks or months?
How big is your coop and run?
Dimensions and pics would help here.

It's a crap shoot whether males will fight or not, breed doesn't really matter.
Not sure what your goals are, but I would not keep more than one male.

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