Integrating geese and ducks


Sep 15, 2019
We just got 5 new ducks and 4 geese who have lived together their whole lives and we are trying to integrate them with our flock of ducks who are 1 swedish blue drake, a hen who became broody and never got any ducklings, 1 cayuga drake, and a mom with her 7 babies (6 weeks). Will they settle down and be okay overnight?
You should probably keep them as 2 separate flocks for a while and see how things are going to go.

I wouldn't trust the new birds with your existing flock until you have time to judge how they are going to get along. Some integrations take longer than others.
The chickens are slowly getting the point that they will just be chased back if they cross the road. That grain on the other side sure is enticing though.

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