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    I have 9 chicks who are about 3.5 months old who were hatched with my main flock and raised by a broody hen in the flock. They were all always together. Since mama left the chicks at 6 weeks, chicks have made their own flock and are NEVER with my original flock unless they are in their run at night. I free range them all during the day. The chicks don't roost with the main flock. What can I do to integrate them better? It's like I have 2 flocks now who just happen to share a coop and run. They aren't much smaller than my original birds at this point by still get picked on by the main flock. Was hoping since they were hatched and have always been in the flock with their mom that this wouldn't be an issue. My original roosters leave them alone for the most part, but some of my hens are bullies. Any suggestions or am I just destined to have a sub flock?
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    As they grow older, they may mingle better. Right now, you're witnessing normal chicken society. The youngsters know their place in the flock, and if they forget, the hens remind them. Since they are already sharing a coop and run without trouble, I'd just let them be.
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    Ditto Dat^^^

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