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Chicky Crazy

6 Years
Feb 27, 2013
Share your ingration story here, or learn tips and tricks from others ;)

Here you can write you day to day experiences while you integrate, or read other people's experiences and learn tips and tricks.
Day one:
I had four 2 year old hens. One was butchered this morning, I raise my hens to lay and not to be butchered but made an exception for my very, very mean Sex Link hen. After that the integration pen arrived in the mail and I love it ;) I set it up outside an hour ago, placed my babies inside. Then I let the three older hens run around the yard. They barely noticed each other so I drew their attention to the pen by putting food inside and on the outside. The big girls stared at them for a moment then waddled of.

Picture below :D

Day three:
The chickens have been so gentle and calm around the chicks that we decided that they were ready to be let out in the yard together. Usually you would not do this especially with a dominate hen but they seem to be doing fine. One older hen pecked a little one when she got to close. She now is staying closer to her flock but are still sticking close to the older flock...

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Day four:
Only a few pecks. No one got hurt though. Although the chicks are keeping a good distance from the hens...
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Day five:
They seem to be getting use to each other. And the chicks have learned to very careful. One of my hens (RIR in picture above) stays close to them but keeps them in check too. I think it's because she wanted to hatch her egg but I wouldn't let her (we don't have a rooster or neighbor roosters).
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Day six:
Well. Both flocks are in there own worlds but their moving closer to each-other...
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