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Jul 18, 2011
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I have several scenarios going on right now and need help. I have a silkie roo that I had to do I integrate him back in...There is a roo in there who rules the roost and they have always gotten along fine, but now that he has been seperated I am afraid he wont be accepted back. Do you integrate at night? I thought I read somewhere that this is the best time. Also, I am getting ready to get some laying hens to add to my existing flock. How do ai go about this? The final question is how old do my little babies have to be before I attempt to integrate them?

Thanks in advance!
I am a newbie to keeping chickens. Started in Feb this year! But I have had to integrate chickens and babies into the flock in order to build one up. So my advice is use wire netting or something where they can see each other for a few weeks but not be in contact. I've done this whereby I have the chicks in a rabbit hutch outside (they're 6 weeks but i have a heat lamp in there) and the adult chickens can access the hutch and go right upto the wire netting in the door but can't reach them. Now they integrate fine

I don't know about the rooster. Maybe just do the same for him? Maybe just be there for a half hour while they all meet and then you can intercept fighting.A small amount of fighting is normal though... They need it.
I add mine in the day where I have the time to supervise .. I have been able to just pop a full grown Mature rooster right in with my flock and it seemed like they were raised together, I have added another Roo that will not and does not go in the Coop, Most of my hens that I have added were scared at first but I didn't have any problems.. NOW adding young chickens was another thing entirely they would sometimes get beat unmercifully to the point where I now have a coop divided just for my Juniors that I am very particular who I add. I have divided this coop in half .. until they are mature they can not always hold their own and can be piled on or picked on .. When I first started I did add some younger ones and they made it after a few beatings they learned they were last to eat and who was boss .. But I did stay close by for quite a while. It is usually just a matter of figuring out the pecking order .. Two Roos will almost certainly fight for dominance at some point but then they usually figure it out .. I am betting you could re add your Silkie Roo with minimal conflict ..
once direct contact possible, supervise. they will in all likelihood fight at least a little. ideally fight is short-lived with minimal damage. with rooster that adults the night time introductions does not seem effective.

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