Intensive care for my first chick


7 Years
May 20, 2012
My araucana was sitting on 6 eggs (not hers) but 3 disappeared. Yesterday one of the remaining 3 hatched (a day late by my calculations) and my hen attacked it. I found it barely alive late last night, gave it some water and, to my surprise, it was a little brighter this morning. I put it in my incubator (with some duck eggs!) and it has improved. I've bathed the neck wounds and it is taking small amounts of water but still unsteady and not interested in food. I don't have a brooder so have cobbled together something that I have put on top of my aga. Seems OK but I can't leave him with water as he keeps falling in it! In other people's experience, is there a reasonable chance that this chick will survive or not?
Hi tinanewton,
it's impossible to say, but I hope so. He'll be okay without food for a couple days, as the egg yolk will still be feeding and nourishing him. Warmth is the main thing right now.

best of luck

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