interesting behavior from a pullet that just started laying

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by aldarita, Jan 28, 2014.

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    I have an Ameraucana Lavander pullet that just started laying about 2 months ego. One day she spent a long time in the nesting box so I thought she had gotten broody. She was making the usual puffed up noises and since I don't keep chickens for breeding I tried to break her by putting her in a broody breaker cage. She spent two days in it and when I put her back with the flock she was back to normal. I might add that when I was carrying her back to the chicken yard she dropped and egg. I felt so bad because the egg was wasted (it broke) and I realized she wasn't really broody after all because as far as I know broody hens don't lay eggs. Days later she did the same thing, she stayed in the nesting box over night (went there before roosting time) but I left her there this time and watched her the next day. She went out of the nest before noon so I went to check the nest and there was an egg in there. She has repeated this behavior about three times. Now I know to leave her alone every time she does this, I know she is fine and that she takes a long time to lay an egg. Has anybody had some similar behavior with a pullet or a hen?

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    This really isn't that unusual. Some of them will sleep in the nest boxes for no apparent reason, at least part of the time. Some of mine do this at times.

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