Interesting hatch


9 Years
Feb 6, 2010
I've had pheasants for as along as I can remember, and today was the biggest shock of my pheasant career. One of my prs of red goldens I've had for two breeding seasons, they are housed in with my wild ducks so I know there is no mixing between species. Well today I had a chick hatch out that is super dark with a white throat, if I could compare its color to anything I would say it looks a lot like a mel. mutant ringneck. Has anyone had this happen? Like I said I've had this pr for two breeding seasons and never had a chick like this, with any of my goldens.
Sounds like a Darkthroat Golden chick. The Darkrhroat is recesive to the golden. It does seem wierd that that it took untill the 3rd year to show, so you might of had a gene mutate with that one chick.
well I had another chick hatch out of the same pr and it is normal color so idk where that dark thoated came from.

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