Interesting news

You mean such things happen in the wild (or if it doesn't, is this proof of manipulation and release, perhaps even by wildlife departments, or more likely by a little old gray haired animal lover).

It sure begs the questions.
Very interesting article. Thanks for sharing it with us, aprophet. Fascinating.
Yup, I posted the same thing a week or so ago . The thing is that most of this study was done using museum specimens which means they are going back a ways. It seems there is a trend away from dog toward wolf hybrids.

BTW, I know there were coyotes in NYS at least in 1945 as I saw a mother with pups in the Catskills in August of that year. I remember it well because it was also V-J Day.
Actually one wildlife expert with the NYS-DEC a couple of years ago made a statement that there is a family of coyotes on every ridge between the Atlantic and Mississippi. They certainly are the #1 big predator east of Upper Mich. I don't remember much talk of predators in the Adirondacks during my time there--mid 40's to 50's--other than an occasional lynx or bobcat--no mention of wolves, coyotes or feral dogs. That was in the eastern part near L. Champlain. Of course there was always the mountain lion spotting that never produce a body and was denied by the DEC-- other than the one someone apparently released near Keene.

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