Intergrating a new chicken into the coop.

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  1. Calculator

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    Nov 1, 2016
    3 months ago I tried my luck at incubating 7 fertilized eggs. I only ended up with one live chick out of all 7 eggs. Now my chick is the same size as all my other (25) hens. I also have one rooster. One month ago I made a place for her and I took 1 of my more docile hens and had them in one section of the coop with a wire barrier between the other chickens. 4 days ago I took the wire down and my new hen is very scared. The first day she just remained up on the roost and wouldn't come down. Now she is going into all the areas that are available but she seems to be very afraid. Is there something I can be doing that would make this transition easier on her? She is a Buff and all the other chickens are buffs and Rhode Island Reds. I am new today to the site so please excuse me if I am not quite up to speed. Thanks for any help!!
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    Jan 8, 2015
    I think you've been doing everything great, but the chick just needs a little more confidence. As long as she is eating, drinking, and acting in a somewhat normal manner, she should acclimate fine after the pecking order is established. Best of luck!

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