Internal Bleeding after Fox Attack? (also posted in "Predators")

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    Apr 16, 2012
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    Tonight my housemates heard squawking outside and ran out to find one of our 3 year old Light Brahma hens in the mouth of the fox! When the housemate screamed, the fox dropped the hen and ran. After inspecting the Brahma, we find that she is missing a lot of feathers, but appears to have no wounds, no broken skin and no broken bones. She walks and moves well. I couldn't feel anything "abnormal" when feeling around her abdomen (but I'm no vet). BUT, she had some blood in her mouth and sounded like she was choking on blood or aspirating blood. Able to breathe, but wet-sounding. We were ready to just put her down, but the wet breathing seemed to stop after about 20 minutes. It is late so we will set her up in her own box for the night.
    THEN WHAT? Will she survive? Are there any ways for us to check on our own if she has fatal internal damage? Or should we just wait it out?

    Thank you chicken forum friend!

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    I think it's a wait and see. Keep her comfortable, I would offer her hard boiled egg bits, plain yogert and softened feed. I hope she makes a full recovery [​IMG]

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