Internal broken egg help please


Jul 30, 2020

my lovely ex battery hen lavender was off colour this morning with clear liquid seeping from her vent. I’ve given her an Epsom salt bath and massaged her tummy, the result was some soft egg shell and lots of clear liquid. When I massaged her again a lot of yolk came out and more she’ll.

her vent is still pulsing with some clear liquid coming out. I have stopped massaging as she seemed uncomfortable. I’ve given her some Baytril I had for another hen and also some anti inflammatory.she’s puffed up and quiet and I’ve isolated her

Is there anything else I need to do? I’ll get her to the vet tomorrow. Also she is on grit, calcium supplement and calcium drops in her water so what else should I be doing to stop this happening again ?
Thanks so much

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Sounds like you are doing all you can for her.

Hopefully the Baytril will help fight infection.

I'm not sure if you can stop this from happening. If you are giving calcium supplement/drops and they are not helping to firm up the egg, then I just don't know.

Sadly reproductive issues are common in laying hens. Ex Batts seem to have issues, they are high production and along with that comes laying difficulties.

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