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    Jan 24, 2008
    Just wanted to put in a couple words of Thanks once again to BYC Emergency Forum and perhaps help someone doing a desperate search as I did and found the answer here once again.

    I believe my 4 y/o hen was eggbound....or whatever term is applicable...She had become fairly lethargic, mostly standing, staring, and not too interested in food or playing with her sister ( partner-in-crime.) Her droppings were bubbly (?) & yellow/green tinged I also noticed her combs were a bit dark on top not rosy red as usual.

    Anyway, I knew she had not been laying lately, so inward i checked her and felt a solid egg.. Careful not to break the egg inside her by jabbing about, I sought advice from this site and i believe that one forum contributor was "right on" w/ the following advice...she stated that giving her Tums might help (I gave her two) but I think most importantly the advice to soak the hen in warm water (I kept a pot of boiled water nearby and kept adding 1/2 cups at a time to the water --very careful not to get it near her and scald her but to keep the water really quite warm)

    Soak hen for 1/2 HOUR!!!---that reads : 30 minutes! (yes!!!...u have to do it that long or very nearly that long --i did for 25 minutes b4 she had had it!-- or it won't work) --do this while massaging/rubbing the abdomen very gently...I placed the hen afterward in the pen and within 45 minutes she was standing there with the egg popping out.. and then....out it came! as she stood there ( She has been fine since...)

    Thank you all once again so very much...I am so happy this worked for my beautiful hen and she is back to running around like usual.

    I hope someone also finds this contribution while searching and has the same successful result..I believe that if I had not done this in time while the egg was still intact, the result may not have been so good.:

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