Internal layer? (Poop picture)


Dec 6, 2019
One of my 9-month old hens has not been laying for a while - first suspected coccidiosis, then worms or blackhead, and now maybe internal laying? The bright yellow part had the consistency of a not-quite-fully-cooked egg.

She has not laid in a few weeks.



I feed them 16% layer feed with supplemental oyster shells and eggshells crushed.

She is not that lethargic, but I know chickens can be very good at hiding their illnesses (she is close to the top of the pecking order). Any advice? I do not feel an egg inside her, and her stomach does not feel distended.

Thank you!
Bright yellow droppings can be a sign of E.coli infection. Can you get antibiotics from a vet, or have her seen? The best antibiotic for her is enrofloxacin (Baytril,) which is banned for chickens. Some vets still will prescribe it because it treats E.coli, Mycoplasma (MG,) and other antibiotics. If you do use it, there is a long egg withdrawal time. Here is a link for it for about $25:
Dosage is 0.05 ml per pound twice a day. That is 0.25 ml or 1/4 ml for a 5 pound chicken. Give it orally into the beak. Discard any eggs for a month after completion.
Thank you @Eggcessive . Unfortunately, having spent $1,000 on her sister (RIP)'s vet visits in the last 3 months, I can't afford it right now... I will order the Baytril online.

She also had these droppings earlier. The clear part seemed to have the consistency of an egg white (a little mucusy), so I am guessing she must have laid internally? Or could that be from the infection?


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Thank you! Do you think I need to separate the hen? I know chickens all have some level of E. Coli, but can't find definitive advice on whether an overgrowth would be communicated by feces. Everyone else seems fine so far.
I would leave her with her flock. Make sure that she isn’t being bullied or pecked. If that happens separate in a wire dog crate with food and water.

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