internal laying? how do you know?

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    Apr 30, 2010
    i don't know if this is the right spot for this , but i have a hatchery rhode island red that hatched the first week of april 2010. she started laying sometime in october about 5-6 eggs a week, large in size, she gets layer feed by manna pro, free ranges 4-5 hours a day, has a light in the coop so has 14 hours of light a day, but all of a sudden, stopped laying a week and a half ago. no new chickens or other animals, i did put in a lower wattage light, but still bright enough, all the others are still laying, i wormed everyone over the summer, no sign of mites/lice, no sign of sickness. i did find a strange rubbery object in the coop early in the morning the other day. it was larger than an egg, flesh colored, hollow but filled with clear fluid. it was very early in the AM so i tossed it out, then regretted not taking a pic. shaped like a U. today someone looked like they "peed" on top of the feeder, it was yellow and white all at the same time. very runny. dripped down into the feed, so i had to throw it out. it had intestinal lining in it. i am thinking it is all from my red bird, is she laying inernally and how can i be sure?
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    Apr 15, 2009
    Unfortunately, you won't know for sure unless you bring her to a vet or until you open her up. If she's laying internally it will eventually be fatal, and a necropsy will prove it. I am including a link to a good thread about internal layers. I hope it helps.

    Sorry about your girl. Not much can be done about internal laying, but to keep them comfortable as long as possible, or spend big bucks at a vet for a hysterectomy.

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