Internal Laying question-

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"Draft Apple Ridge" a Bit from Heaven
12 Years
Jan 10, 2010
UP North WI
I have a what I call a generic pet quality partridge silkie that I believe is laying internally. At first I wasn't sure if she was a he or she but when I put her it with a rooster I'm now sure it is a she. She has never laid an egg but I'm almost certain she is laying internally.
Her abdomen is getting huge and it feels like hard and is getting huge and round.
It is getting bigger and bigger and is almost brushing the ground when she walks. Her legs are spreading apart and she tends to waddle more. Otherwise she is in good health. She has a good appetite, is alert etc.

So my squestion is how can I get her to stop laying internally? I don't care if she never lays an egg on the outside I just would like her to stop laying period. It seems she is laying faster then her body can absorb the egg.

I'm sure there is a chance that this is a tumor??? The abdomen is symetrical, no bumps, lumps etc.

Any suggestions. She looks like she is going to burst !!! I'm sure if this continues I will no doubt find her dead one day:(



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