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May 24, 2020
Sandown, NH
Our Isa brown pullet, about 8 months old, was a late initial layer and shortly after starting, stopped. Her last egg she laid was a double yoke and very oblong. Since then, she has not laid and over the last few weeks has become lethargic. Her feathers are fluffed out and tail down, though it is becoming cold here. We have been giving vitamins and electrolytes. Any suggestions as to what it might be or how to treat?

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It does sound and look like she's egg bound. This will sound gross, but go to a drug store and a buy a bottle of personal lubricant. Use it to confirm whether there is an egg stuck in there (you'll need to use your finger) and if so, apply more lubricant to her cloaca to help her with passing it. I hear a calcium supplement can also help.

If she's still unable to pass it, you may need to manually remove by carefully breaking the eggs and gently removing it.
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Internal laying is different than being egg bound. A hen will soon die if egg-bound & the egg isnt removed, because she wont be able to poop. So the advice re using a lubricant to relieve an egg-bound hen is correct. Internal laying often takes place over a period of time and causes internal infections, which is a common cause of death in high production breeds such as isa browns. Having said the above, im no expert on internal laying (altho ive had isa browns in the flocks for years

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