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    Can someone tell me the signs of internal laying.I have a hen that has been acting like she does not feel well.She almost looks like she is sitting on her nest no matter where she sits.She stay squated unless I come near her then she walks off.She sat around for three day but today seemed a good bit better.She has not layed in a few months but she was in molt.She is eating and drinking but she is just not herself.I know I have not gave good enough detail but any help would be appreciated. [​IMG]
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    Please review the article below (it has lots of articles on other reproductive problems too) ...
    Review the info and links listed and keep a good eye on your girl alert for the symptoms you will learn from reading this info. (I know it is a lot but truly it well worth the effort). if you could post detailed info (location feed housing what the temperature/environment is like where you are breed of bird/age etc. then we will be able to help you better.
    (this is about a bird that is internal layer and had surgery to correct the problem)
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