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    Aug 17, 2013
    Hey everyone im hoping yall can help. I have one egg that I have incubated. I got confused because I had other eggs incubating when I put this one in the bator.. plus I had some eggs under a hen at my neighbors and some under one of my hens. Well with all the egg-ruckus going on I cant remember the day I put the one in the bator. So thanks to this site I was able to candle the egg and determin I should put it on lockdown on monday. Well yesterday I got home from work and still no pip. I recently had a chick with the first batch I bated that grew completely but never pipped and now im worried it will happen again. I candled the egg last night around 6pm and you can see an internal pip and when I tap on the egg there is movement as well. There is no chirping at all and still no external pip. I really dont want to lose another baby any advice? How long will they stay with just an internal pip?
    Also, I had three eggs that I had put under my neighbors sitting hen. They are hatched and now two weeks old. Id like to put them with my chick that hatched in the bator at the same time as them but my neighbor says taking them from the hen right now is bad for them and her. I would have never used his hen if I knew my babies were gonna be held hostage but at this point whats done is done. Im just curious if hes right. Id really like to get the chick I have socialized with other chicks so shes not always alone. I think at this point she thinks shes a dog or a human, one of the two. Sorry for any misspelled or jumbled words im on my phone and it wont let me scroll up to proof read. Thanks for any advice on both questions
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    Jul 24, 2013
    The best thing you can do is leave the egg alone. Taking it out and looking at it will only chill the chick, decrease the humidity (causing it to be difficult for the chick to hatch), and make you run the risk of harming the egg. I know its very tempting to continue checking the egg for signs of life (I've hatched before--and had the same temptation!), but all you can really do at this point is hope for the best.

    As for the chick you want to introduce, you could try giving it to the hen with the other chicks. However, it is likely that she will attack the newcomer. Despite what your neighbor says, the best thing, if the hen won't accept the new chick, is to take the chicks from the hen and raise them yourself. Removing the chicks will not upset the hen, and the chicks will soon get used to being away from her. If you do not socialize the lone chick with the other birds, then it is possible that she may be severely injured if you ever introduce her to the rest of your flock.

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