Internally pipped at least 24 hours, looks to be gasping.


9 Years
Jan 2, 2011
I had the egg that hatched day 20 and nothing from the others except one chirped at me last night. Its chirping has gotten weaker and weaker and stopped for several hours. I decided to candle and it kinda looks like its gasping. What should I do?
Oh and to clarify, its day 22 going on day 23. I decided to poke a hole and see...well the membrane looked pretty dry right where the air cell was, I gently poked a hole. It wasn't moving, then it started to bleed a tiny bit. I'm kinda feeling like I shouldn't have done anything...but all of the sudden 2 minutes after I poked a hole and put it back in the bator the chick is starting to move and chirp. Well...greyeyes always says to sit on my hands...probably should have taken her advice...I don't think I really hurt the chick, but there is a spot of blood the size of my babys pinkie nail..and I feel bad. But...I do kinda feel like it couldn't breathe. Ughh..might have to give up on the whole hatching thing. And on top of it, my loner chick is reallly lonely and I can't find any baby chicks to keep it company.

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