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12 Years
May 18, 2007
Manahawkin NJ
chicks are 3&4 weeks and are in the living room. They are getting pretty stinky. Can I move them into the garage? If so what temp should I keep the. It's still cold here high in the low 50. DH wants them in the shed, there is no electric out there. Grrrrr. They are all bantys.
YES! Time for the garage!!! How many do you have? If it doesn't get colder than 40's at night, it's time to put them in the coop!!!
If it makes you feel better, put a heat lamp in at night. No need for heat in the daytime when it's in the 50's.
I've always kept mine no lower than room temperature until they are fully feathered. I would think banties would feel the cold even more being so small....
I think you'll need to run a heavy duty extension cord to a heat lamp if you put them in the garage....Starting at 90 degrees for the first week, at week 3 the temp should be around 75 and at week 4, 70 degrees. They'll freeze theirs fuzzy little butts at 50 and as you said that is the "high" temp
It's way too cold for 3 or 4 week old chicks to be without a heatlamp....they will die on you for sure....they won't fully feather out til they are 8 to 10 weeks old and they still need a heatlamp for cold nights....
Mine start and stay in the garage until fully feathered, then they head outside. I keep a heat lamp for them the entire time. Our garage is insulated though.
Thanks alot My babies will go into the garage with 2 heat lamps. I can leave the door between the house and the gararge open so I can hear them and they can hear me

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