Into the wild~A Bigcat Roleplay~

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    Plot:The power of cats is ruled here.Your basically a cat any cat.
    The point is to role play the cat and have fun.
    These cats are living in an even unknown world.
    Things happen that's not ordinary.Everything to Big cats
    is just a secret.So here you will just survive or if you choose to
    do so,die.Well,by the time you form groups,you should be off.
    In this world anywhere, anyplace, any cat, was banning together.

    ~No fowl language
    ~You can only miss 1 attack from any blow

    ~You can have cubs,but you cant go into Detail
    ~Do 1 attack in a whole paragrah
    ~If you want to be any Alpha you must fight for that
    ~No copying my RP
    ~If you do not follow these rules I will banned you from my RP
    ~Feel free to ask Questions
    ~You can have as many characters as you feel(Not too mant it confuses ppl)
    ~1 alpha per clan
    ~The deputy is only a Male
    ~Hunters dont train,its a natural born to do thing(Sometimes)
    ~Keep things real:No 2 minute heals,be real not all the cats take down like a grown bull elephanant ETC
    ~Your only allowed to make 1 clan of your own

    Alpha Male:Gives orders,has rights to any female cat,scents
    Alpha Female:Gives orders,mates with both the Deputy and The alpha male
    Deputy Male:Is in charge only when Alpas are gone
    Delta:Is training to be Deputy or Warrior
    ClanCat:Just a Patroller or a warrior
    Loner:This is rare,but possibly(This ranks normally doesn't have a territory and i killed)

    Rainforest Clan

    Savannah clan:

    Claw Clan:


    Icefang Clan:
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