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    Hello All

    Thanks for having me. I have already learned so much for just reading. Technically this is my second post as I commented on a coop build the other day.

    So, our family just picked up four new chicks today. They are about a week or old and are two Rhode Island Reds, one Golden Sexlink and one Delaware. We will be going back on Saturday morning to pick up two more once they get more chicken in in the next couple days. They didn't have all we wanted so I didn't settle, for the mostly part.:p. Was told and hoping they get in a Barred Rick and a Buff Orpington. Those two would round out our six we want. We have already named all the birds. We have sort of "claimed" them. My two RIRs are Ginger and Reba. My son named the Golden Sex Link, Sam. I guess he had a little girlfriend in school asked him to name her that. And my wife named the Delaware, Miranda. Ok, enough of the silliness.

    I will have many questions in the future and have one now. I have a 36" X 18" brooder box/plastic container. I know the temps the chicks need to be for the next 4-6 weeks and have the appropriate lamp. I have a thermometer just dear the light that is right above one of the corners of the brooder. The chicks for the most part sleep in the other corner on the same end of the lamp. Directly under the lamp the temp reads 95* so they are just outside that range. Now I assume the chick will need the lamp on just about 24/7 to keep warm but will need to adjust weekly to keep at proper temp. Question, do the chicks need a dark area to get into so they are not in the light 24/7? I did take a shoe box and cut the lord off and then cut an arch our of each side. The chicks can walk in and out and sleep in it, etc. sort of like a cave. Is this dark/er area necessary.

    Thanks for the help on this. I will have a lot of questions moving forward.:D
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    [​IMG] The darker sleeping area is not necessary, but is a good idea. Start working on a larger brooder - they will rapidly outgrow the present set up. Good luck with your new flock.
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