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Sep 5, 2019
Have had chickens and ducks and one turkey for a couple years now. Did not start out intentionally, my neighbor had some that he just let loose. They decided to come live with me. I now have around 50 or so.
15 ducks (plus one sitting on a nest)
17 roosters (and counting-some we aren't sure of the sex yet)
20 hens.

Definitely not ideal. I will be looking to put up a bachelor pad once hurricane season is over. And although the ratio is terrible, I am fortunate that they all get along and also that none of them are aggressive with humans. Sometimes they go at each other but no serious injuries. Several have made their own mini flocks. Those ones will be able to live outside the bachelor pad once I have it. I would love to find homes for some of my boys but it's nearly impossible. It's a shame too, my prettiest birds of both the ducks and the chickens are the dudes, naturally.


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