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May 28, 2020
Hello everyone!! Well first of all I am new to raising chickens. I live in Montana on 10 acres on the top of a mountain in a place locally known as the Highlands. My curiosity began when I visited my boss on their farm and met their chickens and tasted the difference in store bought and free range eggs. Well I was hooked and began my adventure in March 2020. I started with 11 chicks. They thrived in the large coop/run and outdoor space we constructed. Then I came home to carnage last week I lost 3 to what I thought was an owl. All my defenses were geared to land predators, rookie mistake. I researched and hung many deterrents and only let my chicks out when I was home after work the next day. Well I caught the culprit, carting off another 8 week old chick in broad daylight the very next day, a raven. Now I am covering their entire yard to protect them. No easy feat but I am committed to giving them the out door space they need to thrive. I now have 7 chickens- 1 Light Brahama- 2 Barred Rock and 4- Silver laced Wynodettes. I am considering adding 3 grown turkeys to the flock. Same outdoor space but separate living quarters. Anyone have any experience with raising turkeys and chickens together? I am so excited to be doing this and can't wait to see how this adventure plays out!!

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Jan 30, 2015

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