Introduced 2 new little older hens to the to 8 little younger hens question?


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Mar 21, 2012
I just went and got 2 new hens yesterday to add to our smaller group of hens.
We already had 4 speckled sussex and 4 red star sex links hens since there were a week or 2 old.
Now my 8 are around 2 and half nearly 3 months old.
The new hens we got are around 5 to 5 and half months old and are a red star and black star sex links.
I notice the 2 new hens sit away from the 8 we already had and a few times the new and old pecked at each other.

Is this normal or did i do bad moving in 2 new older hens into a group that grew up together.
The reason we got the 2 new hens is because they should start to lay eggs at the end of June at least.
The 2 new hens we got from a farmer said they were all up to date on deworming and they look very healthy.
We just kind of threw them in the mix because we only have 1 really big run and 1 coop for them to all sleep in at night.
Should i be worried of disease these new hens could bring to our 8 hens we already had?
Also will the new and older hens every get along? Thanks
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Whenever we add unquarantined birds to a flock there is the possibility of introducing disease. Frequently introductions result in flat out drag down fights. It is all about adjusting/protecting their social rank - in other words the pecking order. What you are recounting is minimal, and yes eventually the two shall become part of the flock. All of this takes time to resolve.
How could i make sure no new disease would come to my 8 from the 2 new ones?
It is about time to use the Wazine again for the monthly deworming so should i go already use it now?
Chances are that the new birds are fine. If not, your present flock has already been exposed. It is always good to quarantine new birds for up to 30 days. Effectively doing so can be very difficult. If you are on a worming schedule and it is now time, I would go ahead and worm all of them.
Thanks we always do our Wazine around end and the first of the month.
I hope everything works out adding the 2 new ones to the 8 hens i already had.

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