Introducing 4 month old peachick to flock?


8 Years
Jul 20, 2011
Ok so Pete is now just a little over 4 months of age. He is now in a out side pen and growing good. Today i moved 2 IB hens in with him and he really seems freaked out. I let them get used to each other thru the fence for a couple weeks before letting the hens in with him. I want him to bond with the hens so they can teach him the ropes and so i can turn him loose and let him free range with the other peafowl. The adult birds are not bothering him so should i just leave them together till he adjusts to his new family. I just hate seeing him pace back and forth.

I added a few pics. first 2 are of pete.



going on two this summer IB peacock

and 1 of the hens
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Has he had any other companions to hang out with
so he knows how to relate to other avian species,
before you moved the hens with him?
It may be that he is just adjusting to others, & he
doesnt have experience with companions.

Do you have a day off to devote watching him with the big birds?
If you do, then I would keep him out with the others & observe the interaction,
& intervene if there is any fighting with him, so that he can be protected.
Does the pen they are in have plenty of room for him to avoid injury?

If they have already spent a day together, I would watch them
closely for a few more days. He may stay apprehensive for some time.
Peafowl are very sensitive to their environment, especially youngsters.
He was a only chick that hatched. I also had silkie chicks hatching just a day later so i gave him 2 silkie chicks to grow up with. I took the silkie chicks down to the silkie barn today. so i know he is upset about loosing his friends and now having 2 strangers in his pen. I just want him to learn to be a peafowl and free range like the others
Yeah, I know it is not recommended to have chickens with your peas,
but the silkies are his companions & may give him some sense of security to
keep them around until he adapts.
Chicks that grow up together remain friends for life so he is probably really
missing what he understands as being his family.
You have explained his insecurity.

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