Introducing 7 month old to 5 month old hens


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Jul 21, 2021
I just got this pretty roo. Can I put him with my hens? They haven’t started laying much at all. Maybe one egg here and there.. opinion? Right now I have him in the chicken tractor. They’re all the same breed just a different color. He’s an English splash Orpington and they’re buff.


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Jul 23, 2018
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Does your current flock have access to the tractor? In other words, have you quarantined him from the pullets? Who is that in there with him?

If he hasn't been quarantined, then I would do a period of a week of "look don't touch" so your buff pullets can get to know your new cockerel behind the tractor. Then you can let him and his roommate out to mingle with the original flock and see how it goes.


May 3, 2018
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Adding a roo is easier than adding hens. The ladies will most likely be happy to have him join them. You may be able to stick him on a roost one night and have it look like he has always been there. If there is more squabbling than you like make sure there are hiding places that are not traps, but neither he or the girls are likely to use them.

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I agree with Yardmom, adding a 7th month old rooster to pullets going into laying will be pretty easy. They may dust up once or twice, but usually all in love by morning. Adding a rooster to a flock of hen only birds is one of the easiest integrations there is.

I would just open up the pens, and let them co mingle, and he will follow them back to the coop, and all is well.

Mrs K

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