introducing 8 week and 12 week olds


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May 5, 2007
central maine
I have 2 groups of 3 turkeys. midget white, slate,sweet grass- 12 weeks old, 2 palm crosses and 1 bourbon red 8 weeks old.
I am sure in the older group there are 2 hens and 1 jake, and the younger group, maybe 1 jake?
anyway, can I put them together or will they fight? they would be in a 10 x 10x 6" dog kennel with tarp top. I think 6 might be too many for this space but some will be leaving in about 1 month.
I have mixed my 2 groups of turkeys together. One group bought from Porters in June and the last group born in July went right out of brooder into barn with them.

As long as they are still juveniles they don't mind...
I was just going to ask this question... I have 5 RP that are 15 weeks and 14 BR's that are 8 weeks... I have the BR's in a large dog kennel inside the turkey run so they can see each other but when one escaped today the RP's started following it and pecking at it... would it be different if all 14 were out together? The younger ones peep and peep all day long... I think they want out
8 and 12 weeks, those are juvs right? there is quite a size difference and one jake is fanning and strutting of the older group.

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