Introducing a hen to my 4 week old chicks

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by mamaHenof8, Apr 29, 2017.

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    We acquired a hen of laying age, no idea how old though. My chicks are 4 weeks old , I need suggestions on how to introduce them so that she doesn't harm my babies. The new hen seems quite docile, she is a Bravo Brown. My chicks are 6 Austrolorp,1 dom and 1 Welsummer
    Thank you in advance
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    Usually, when you just have one or two adult hens you're introducing to chicks, especially when the chicks outnumber the hens, you should see little to no conflict.

    However, I'm one to take precautions before a tragedy occurs. I came up with a concept I call the panic room. It's a special space with barriers so the chicks can find refuge inside where the hens can't follow. Food and water are placed inside so the chicks can eat and drink in peace and safety. Small chick size openings around 5 x 7 inches make it possible for the chicks to use this panic room until they're around 10 weeks old. It's crucial that you provide more than one entrance in case a hen blocks one.

    Chicks learn to use the panic room in record time and then they're teasing and taunting the adults in high sport. Fun to watch.
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