introducing a "new" 1yr old hen to an already new flock

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So here's my crazy situation. My "established" flock is pretty established, but not that old. Had only one 3 yr old hen left, so introduced four 2 month old pullets that are now 4 months. Of course, old Alice is the queen. Am now adding a 1 yr old hen. Alice, the 3 yr old is not happy and has made some attacks on the 1 yr old. There is plenty of room in the inside and outside pens and two separate water and feeding stations. We've added a roost pole to the covered inside area since the new one was used to only having a lean-to cover and my current flock sleeps inside a coop. I know you're not supposed to keep introducing new hens, but had to trade my "crowing pullet", aka, rooster.

Think we've done what we can to make the transition easier, but any suggestions welcome and should we do anything different? Wait and see, or separate out the older hen for a while?



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Can you split the coop/run or put a cage in it for the new girl? A nice period of seeing but no touching through wire usually works pretty well, they get socialized and a lot of the pecking order thing straightened out before they get together. Not sure if you have seen it, but there is a nice article in the Learning Center on introducing new birds with various methods


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Removing the dominant hen for a week will mess up the 'pecking order' and make the introduction easier. When the dominant hen returns she is the new girl, and must re-establish her place. I am always stunned by their lack of memory!

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