Introducing a Rooster - help


8 Years
Jun 7, 2011
Hillman Michigan
Someone asked us to take a rooster that was being neglected. He is a RIR and seem to be nice (so far) very scared. I put him in a dog kennel in the coop (we have a large coop) so he could make some friends but still be protected because I know that introducing a lone chicken can cause issues and even death.

So, it seems my second rooster in line has decided to try to kill this new rooster. My RIR is huge and my rooster that attacked him is a little silkie- like a small small one.... It caused a bunch of bleeding on the RIR's face in his comb.

So, what do I do? My silkie has always been passive. We have 3 rooster right now, all bantams and all friendly. We have about 5 BA that are cockerels about 20 weeks and about 100 hens and pullets.


9 Years
May 22, 2010
Find someone else to take that rooster, you're asking for trouble. Nothing against the new roo but this can't turn out well.
Just saying.

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