Introducing a rooster to existing flock

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    I have an existing mixed flock of hens. I was told that a rooster would increase my decreased egg production. Is this true? How old of a rooster should I introduce if is true? They are 18 months old. I was getting 24 to 31 eggs per day:/ last winter and now 10 to 15.[​IMG]

  2. Generally a rooster has nothing to do with egg production. However, I personally have seen where a rooster stirs up some excitement in an otherwise bored flock and production increases. If you decide to add a rooster, be sure he is older than the hens as they will attack a young, immature rooster. Goos luck..........Pop
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    A rooster has no impact on egg production. I would guess that the decreasd production is a natural result of the aging process. Your hens are getting older. Production decreases as age increases.[​IMG]
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    Besides age, the days are getting shorter, which usually results in fewer eggs, and they, or some of them, could be moulting.

    Often, flocks do seem happier with a roo present. Besides, you could make your own chicks with fertile eggs. But I can't believe it would affect egg production, as Pop already said.

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