Introducing a rooster to flock (with just hens)

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We have 9 hens in our flock (4 Dominiques, 1 chicken mutt, and 4 EE's) we just got an EE rooster who is super sweet and just beautiful. I have him in the "mobile" coop right next to their big pen so he can see them and they can see him but they can't reach each other at all. The girls seem mildly interested in him but go about their business, he on the other hand is very interested and seems sad in his bachelors pad, he paces along his enclosure all day long.

I am thinking an introduction face to face would go pretty well (I know our dominant hen will try to pick on him but he is big enough I think he can hold his own), the only problem is my 5 older girls (the Doms and the mutt) are all molting horribly this year. Honestly the worst molt I have ever seen since we got them. They look horrible and all scraggly with bare patches on their backs. I was worried at first they were sick but their combs are red and they aren't acting sick, they are not laying currently but with the molt going on AND the fact that the days have drastically shortened that isn't too alarming. So I am wondering when I can put him in with the other girls? Do I wait for the big girls to get back more of their feathers or would it be okay to go ahead and do it now?

He is about the same age as my EE girls (who were hatched in April). We just introduced the EE girls to the big girl flock about a month ago, that involved lost of squabbles and an entire night that the big girls wouldn't let the EE girls into the coop (they roosted in the pen it was a nice night out) but eventually with some BOSS, some suet and grapes they made nice and get along fine now.
You can try a visit and if things get too out of hand separate them. But remember that there will be a pecking order confrontation ...just don't let it get out of hand . Be prepared with the Blukote if blood is drawn. He should be happy with the girls though I don't know how happy the dominate hen will be with him taking over her role.
This is just my opinion, but if your girls are molting they are under enough stress already. They don't need the additional stresser of a new roo. I would wait to introduce him until the girls have their new shinny feathers.

When I introduce a new roo I like to do it in as big of an area as possible. I do the introduction on the weekend where I can check on the processes.
That is my thought to wait until they have most of their feathers back, I've been upping their protein hoping they will grow feathers back faster but as we know it goes at the pace it goes. Will he eventually stop sulking? I feel bad for him all alone like that. We'll see how their molting goes but I would really like to have him in with the girls before the really cold winter weather hits, the bachelor pad isn't insulated but our coop is.

The plus to it is that he looks forward to us visiting with him so it should help him stay friendly, I bring him a treat and give him lots of attention every night when we go check on everyone.

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