Introducing an egg swap but boy oh boy


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This morning I introduced an egg swap at the dutch forum. Just to see if there would be some interest in it.... apparently a big mistake to even think about it.....
Because you can't choose a specific breed and it cost's to much money to raise babychicks, and one breeder doesn't want eggs from an amateur breeder, and no the suprise out of the egg is not funny:/. Then someone else said that it's a big no no because the eggs are fertile and we are talking about a live animal and also the shipping is not done.Also mentioned that if you can't tell what breed you want, you get unwanted chickens who will end up in the soup or as meat. Well I guess I've got my answer to the poll.
I respect everybody's wishes and if they don't want to it's fine by me. But it does suprise me that only their opinion counts.....
Who says they have to be in it,tell em its just for those who want to trade eggs and nay sayers can go play tiddlywinks for all you care.
Also don't you all eat chickens there so why worry they will wind up as fried chicken someday?
What else do you do with culls kill,eat or sell right?
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X 2 ---

correct me if I'm wrong but does X 2 stand for same thought?

That's correct, San.

I just don't get some people.
If they don't want to participate, they don't have to.
Me neither but to be honest the ones that did react are in my opinion a bit hyprocrite by giving me these answers because they do eat there on eggs and meat but a swap is considered as something not humane because it's a fertile egg and a suprise hatching leads to unwanted chickens who will end up in the soup. For some reason the stick with a normal add on the forum instead of a swap...

Well I've tried there loss for not trying..

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