Introducing Chicks to Flock

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by katelk, Sep 29, 2014.

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    This is the first time I have hatched chicks and decided to keep them. They are all as big (or bigger) than the rest of my flock. I am introducing 2 pullets and one cockerel. The pullets should start laying any day now and the cockerel has not yet started trying to mate. I figured it would be best to introduce them before he fully matures so my other roo can get to know him before seeing him as competition.
    My concern is that these 3 have seemed extremely stressed about leaving the baby pen for the main yard. All day I did not see them eat or drink. They just paced the fence line trying to get back to the baby pen. The other birds came to investigate and there was not much issue. The cockerel got put in his place by my tomboy hen who has spurs (haha) other than that everyone got along, but they just seemed so distressed.
    I took them to the coop this evening and they would not even get on any of the roosts. The 3 babies just piled up in a corner on the floor.
    How long might they be so stressed? Should I just let it happen or introduce them more gradually? I have introduced newbies before (that I bought from someone), but have never seen any so clearly distressed about it.
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    As long as there's not alot of violence, I would just let them be. It's hard to see them like that, but the only way for them to "feel at home" in their new place, is to live there and get used to it and go through the pecking order process.

    Just watch them to make sure they get food and drink and it'll be OK. :)

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