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Ok I hatched my first clutch of chicks Dec 23, and we just hatched more 2 weeks ago. I have moved the first bunch to a chick house beside the hen house. I thought they were ready. BUT when we put them together my older chickens pecked 5 of my 3 month olds to death.Now I have 4 scared 3 month old chicks and babies ready to go outside. What am I going to do. I have put the 3 month olds back into the chick pen to spare their lives but I can't leave them there for ever. And what about my babies????? They have got to be put somewhere. I thought I had everything prepared but I don't know what to do now. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
Introduce them slowly. Let them see one another for a while before housing them together. Also you can put them in at night in the dark, so they wake up together.

Yes adults may (you know) kill chicks. I would wait till they are about the same size.
Good luck

I'm really sorry you went through that. It's a learning experience that I know you didn't mean to happen, but remember always to wait until your young chickens are fully grown before putting them in with the adults. Chickens can be so mean, and a smaller, younger chicken is a target.

Put your chicks outside just like you planned in the chick house, but like imp mentioned, put the teenager chickens in sight of the adult chickens, but just out of reach. Like for example, if you have a cage you can put near the adult coop, or inside the adult coop so they can see eachother but not touch eachother.

Free ranging together is also good, because the youngsters can get away if necessary.

Good luck to you--don't forget to wait until they're adult sized to put them together, and it'll still be a bit rough, because the pecking order has to be established, but it normally won't result in any deaths.

The trick to introducing new birds to existing flocks is night time.

Chickens can't count. If they wake up in the morning & there are more birds than when they went to bed they think the new birds have been there the entire time!

Just wait until they are asleep - 9 or 10 pm & quietly place the new birds on the roost.

They will still have the pecking order to work out, but honestly the old hens shouldn't kill them.

Good luck! Hope this helps!

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